Organizations I volunteer for:

Habitat for Humanity: Hurricane Katrina Relief  in Louisiana 2006, 2007, 2008.

Construction of new homes in New Orleans and the surrounding area for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Nine months after Katrina, and 2 subsequent years after, I spent a week  as a Volunteer construction captain for our group, building and teaching skills needed to build new homes for the victims of the Hurricane which hit New Orleans. The people of New Orleans, Slidell and Picayune have such a spirit that though it was hard, hot work, it was extremely rewarding and a joy to volunteer with them.  Habitat, as they say “isn’t a hand out, but a hand up” as the future owners buy their homes and build along with us, filling us with spirit, food, and the best of Southern hospitality.

Rebuilding Together San Francisco (Formerly Christmas in April) from 2000 to present

I’ve had the pleasure to be a Construction Captain with Rebuilding Together SF for many years;  with whom I lead and coordinate a slew of volunteers, in a single home, in a weekend, and we clean, repair, paint, the homes of senior, low income, and the disabled.  Our goal is to keep them in their homes, while living a better safer life in them.

My favorite projects are when we build and remodel a kitchen, paint all the rooms of the house, clean out the backyard and basement, and build a fence… all in a single weekend!

The most poignant and satisfying projects are the simple ones (to us);  installing a water heater for a person, who for lack of money, didn’t have hot water for 6 months; or installing grab bars, handrails or lighting so they are able to safely walk around their homes.

Donating Blood  Blood Centers of the Pacific

I’ve been doing this since a teenager, and was just told I’ve given over 110 pints of blood!  I’m putting this out to Asians in particular who due to cultural beliefs should but don’t donate.